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Xian Gaza strikes again, invites BLACKPINK's superstar Jennie

Christian Albert Gaza also known as Xian Gaza made it to the headlines once again with another one of his outrageous public antics. A billboard date proposal, this time, to K-pop superstar Jennie of BLACKPINK.

Last October 30, "Billboard Suitor" Gaza posted on Facebook a photo showing a billboard of himself inviting the said singer to a date.

"Kim Jenny Ruby Jane, you are my ultimate crush. "Can I take you out to dinner, and make me the happiest man alive?", he wrote.

Stating in his caption that he did not know how to contact Jennie, he opted for this gesture instead. The billboard is said to be found in Youngsan, the geographic central of Seoul.

"I don't know how to contact her kaya pina-billboard ko na lang sa puso ng South Korea (so I had my invite posted in a billboard in the heart of South Korea) a few kilometers away from BLACKPINK's YG headquarters."

Since the photo of billboard has gone viral, his gestures received mixed reactions from BLACKPINK's Filipino fan base. But most of them find his publicity stunt "creepy".

The fanbase never failed to comment on Gaza being a "convicted scammer".

In 2018, Malabon Metropolitan Trial Court Branches 56 and 120 ordered his arrest for 19 counts of violation of the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law and was sentenced to five years and six months in jail.

This is not the first time that Gaza asked a celebrity on a date using a billboard. He first gained attention in 2017 when he booked a billboard to invite actress Erich Gonzales for coffee which the latter declined.

He also offered actress Nadine Lustre last February 2020 a red Mustang and was also rejected.

Subsequently, Gaza admitted that his publicity stunt to Nadine Lustre was to promote his real estate investment business.

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