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Nadine Lustre's Mang Tomas and James Reid's Cebu lechon, a perfect pair!

Fate truly can be humorous to have funny incidents occur in such fashion. Particularly speaking, the one involving former couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre as they have gone viral again as memes.

In August 2021, a photo of Nadine Lustre in a market in Siargao was taken by a fan, and went viral overnight. The photo show Lustre nonchalanty purchasing a bottle of Mang Tomas —a Filipino condiment good for roasted dishes. After gaining popularity, Lustre explained that the sauce was for her lechon manok (roaster chicked) dinner.

During the weekend, James Reid shared snaps of him with his friends on recreation in Cebu. Of all the photos that were posted, one particular shot caught people's attention. A photo of a seemingly "unhappy" Reid crouching barefoot on the ground next to a lechon (roasted pig) —which Cebu is also known for.

Now, merge both photo and what do we get? A meme material!

The photos of Reid and Lustre were shared side-by-side in Kapamilya Online World, originally uploaded by netizen Enka Villareal.

The caption read: “Yung namroblema ka kasi yung Mang Tomas andun sa Ex mo?”

Jadine fans and netizens took this lucky chance to whimsically compose hilarious captions for the ex-couple online. Here are some comments:

“Problemado si James kasi nakay Nadine yung Mang Tomas.”

“Masarap ang lechon ‘pag may Mang Tomas,” one netizen captioned.

“Mang Tomas para muling magkabalikan. Nadine, paki galaw ang bote.”

“Please lang, alang-alang sa Mang Tomas sana magka-balikan kayo.”

“Comeback na kc pra may mang tomas c james.

“Mang tomas ang susi sa puso ng bawat isa”

“Swak n Swak tlaga tandem ng JADINE. Partner in crime khit dyan.”

One Twitter user wrote: "Huwag ng magalit James, parating na si Nadine, binabayaran na lang yung Mang Tomas emz."

“Kaya raw malungkot si james reid dito kasi na kay nadine raw yung Mang Tomas,” said the netizen, who also asked if the sauce has already been shipped.

James and Nadine used to be one of showbiz’s favorite couples but they split in November of 2019. Despite the fact that they have broken-up, they stayed friends and carried on with making music together.

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