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Mars Pa More hosts discusses the COVID-19's impact on family life

Because of the epidemic, many men have unknowingly become more active in running the family and parenting the children, according to Camille Prats. It's also wonderful, she says, to watch local family relationships develop and move away from the idea that outside employment is just for dads and housework is only for moms.

"The concept of family is evolving, and it is no longer about the woman being at home and doing all the labor." But now, especially during the pandemic, I see a lot of men becoming more involved in taking care of their kids and helping around the house," she told Inquirer News during a Zoom conference for the family talk show "Mars Pa More," which began airing new episodes from its new studio earlier this month.

“They’re cooking, growing plants, and they’re showing others that there’s nothing wrong with that,” Camille said. “Back then, there’s this separation between a mother’s and father’s responsibilities. Now there’s better harmony.”

Camille’s family time

Camille has three children: Nala, four, and Nolan, two, with husband John Yambao; and Nathan, thirteen, with her late first husband Anthony Lansangan." He and I now spend more time with the family, and I believe it has helped us develop a better system in terms of our family's goals," she added.

Iya Villania, Camille's co-host, quipped that her husband, Drew Arellano, might be a little tidier at home. But seeing him spend his time with their three children—five-year-old Primo, three-year-old Leon, and one-year-old Alana—is priceless, according to Iya.

Kuya Kim's point of view

Meanwhile, Kuya Kim Atienza, the newest member of the "Mars Pa More" family, couldn't help but reflect on how he used to balance work and family responsibilities years ago. He used to believe he had a fine sense of equilibrium. In retrospect, he feels he might have spent more time with his children while they were younger doing things.

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