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Kris Aquino, in gown, on a "first date" meal with Mel Sarmiento at a fast food outlet

Diners and crew were caught by surprise as the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino dined with former Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Mel Sarmiento wearing a gown at a famous fast food restaurant.

The couple, who recently announced their engagement, came from a wedding, where Aquino was one of the sponsors. Their three hour drive back home had them famished which made them drop by a McDonald’s branch in Silang, Cavite. On Nov. 7, Kris posted a picture of her with fiance Sarmiento on Instagram. “It was more than 3 hrs to get back kaya nag-stop sa fast food," Kris began her caption. She additionally stated in the caption that the service crew at the fast food outlet including Sarmiento were amused with the situation. It made her feel exhilarated to act like a “normal, regular person."

Yet, both looked the opposite since they were still dressed in the same clothing they wore for the wedding. Sarmiento wore a barong Tagalog and slacks while the TV host wore a floor-length blue long-sleeved, turtle-neck gown. One of her friends, make-up artist RB Chanco, amusingly told Kris that no one eats in a fast food chain wearing a gown and taking photos with supporters, Aquino answered directly with “Walang basagan ng trip,”. She also expressed her gratitude to the restaurant staff “for having been so gracious & opening up an area for us.” According to Kris, members of the crew asked to take photos with them because “nobody had dine-in while wearing a gown (before).” She considers this occurrence unforgettable as this is their first time dining out. "[This is the] first time Mel and I ever ate out so you can say it was our first date," she said. Aquino and Sarmiento made their relationship public in August and have announced their engagement on October 24, 2021 in an Instagram video.

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