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How to find a website under construction image?

Websites go through a lot of stages and phases in their life cycles and there's no shortage of images to represent all the different website contents. When you're looking for an image to use when working on your website, but you don't know how and where to find them, in this article, we'll show you how and where to find an image for a website under construction and how to use it on your blog.

How to find a website under construction image?

What is a "website under construction image"?

All websites need upkeep. Maintaining online relevance requires regular updates and refinements. The user experience may be disrupted by these modifications, and it's preferable if your major site pages are unavailable for a short period of time.

You want your visitors to view your site at its best, whether it's for normal maintenance, security upgrades, a redesign, or preparation for its initial launch. When your site is down, you need to have an under-construction image on your main URL.

If your website is currently inaccessible, visitors will be greeted with an "under construction" image or "maintenance image." To be successful, a maintenance page has to be built to keep your customers happy, even if your website is unavailable.

When do you use an image for website under construction?

Some websites may require a photo showing their site is under development, even if they don't have a new product to promote. Site upkeep is one of the possibilities mentioned above, but the specifics might be any of the following:

Redevelopment of the website

Once your personal website is no longer sufficient, you'll need a placeholder page to send visitors to alternative methods of getting in touch with you, such as email or phone. With the correct website builder, changing the appearance, feel, and function of a website is easy, but you'll need a strong website under construction message in the meanwhile that won't interfere with your brand's core purpose.

Rebranding a business

There are very few firms that have been operating for at least eight to ten years that have rebranded. If your brand has been around for a long time, you may require a placeholder page for when your emphasis shifts, and you want a new look for your website. If you want to make money from your blog, your website should have the appearance of an experienced author. If you're a group, you may want to consider adding e-commerce capabilities to your individual websites. Your website will have to be updated when your brand changes, and that process may take some time.

General maintenance to enhance the user's experience

Even while this may be the most obvious reason, it's probably the most typical cause for establishing "under construction" images. To avoid evoking the same sense of dread and irritation that the Google Dinosaur picture does when an internet connection is lost, you'll need a temporary page that doesn't look like the Google Dinosaur.

Tips for using effective under construction image

Your coming soon page is only the beginning of what you'll need to do. Search images for a constructed website to make your target market excited about the product or site you are releasing, and even lead them to a forum where you can transform consumers into a community.

People will know what to anticipate if you use a decent placeholder

It's important for visitors to acquire a sense of what your website is all about and why they should care about it. They want to know what's in store for them when they arrive at a location that is currently under development. To keep people coming back for more, write engaging headlines and text.

Give them a task to do

You may begin collecting contacts from your coming soon website by including an offer to subscribe your email newsletter or publication. A pre-order form is an option if you're launching a new product or software. Give your visitors in the meantime things to do while they wait for your website to become live. Develop an email marketing program centered on brand updates and teasers.

Where can I find free website under construction image?

You may get a wide variety of free under construction images on the internet. Moreover, free photos for a website may be found from a variety of sources. To discover free photos for a newly-built website, all you have to do is to search images for a constructed website in a search engine like Google.

Here are some of the good ones:


This website platform where you can get free photos provides lots of benefits such as ease of use and provides a broad variety of customization choices. Images that are really suitable for commercial website use. In addition, it is absolutely free of charge.

The following are some disadvantages: There are others who are just plain odd, to name a few of them; it is necessary for you to complete a few tasks before beginning the download process itself. It's something to think about, although it's not a significant problem.

In addition to providing free photographs, StockSnap has a very user-friendly interface. The search engine enables you to look for photographs both by category and by keyword. In order to make sorting and finding images simpler, a convenient sidebar has been included. Statistics about the most outstanding pictures is provided in order to allow you to choose from a bigger range of more popular photographs.

One disadvantage in using the site includes the fact that it was produced by a graphics tool website called Snappa, which causes adverts to show on a frequent basis.


The benefits of utilizing Shutterstock photos include: a fantastic celebrity photo collection; if you're looking for celebrity photographs, Shutterstock is the place to go. Shutterstock contains hundreds of images of celebrities. Improved keyword search results - It seems that Shutterstock photographers produce considerably better descriptions, which is likely to lead to improved picture search results, especially when you search images for a constructed website.

The disadvantages of utilizing Shutterstock photos - the interface in Shutterstock is slower than others, making it more difficult to produce results and download images. In reality, Shutterstock is very sluggish, making it a chore to navigate around the site.

In addition, Shutterstock does not supply any free photos for a website for download.

​Stock Image Sites




Free, easy to use, suitable for commercial use.

Need to complete task before downloading.


Free, easy to search images.

Frequent ads on website.


Advance keyword search, huge image database.

Paid images, slow interface.

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