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Enchong Dee is facing a PHP1,000,000,000.00 cyber libel case filed by DUMPER congresswoman

Claudine Bautista-Lim, representative for PUV drivers party-list Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights (DUMPER) has sued actor Enchong Dee with a cyber libel case.

After photos of Claudine's wedding with businessman Jose French Lim circulated online, she faced backlash over it as it was held extravagantly amidst the pandemic. People had noted this as ironic as she represents a marginalized sector. Among the netizens and other celebrities that expressed their criticism was Dee, who stated in his tweet on August 14: "The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding. Let's not prolong this conversation and don't say otherwise."

According to, Lim filed a complaint against Dee at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Davao Occidental on November 11, saying that Dee's tweet was "defamatory" and "malicious," painting her as a corrupt government official. She also said that Dee's insinuation that she used public funds for her wedding was "to the detriment and injury to my honor and name." The actor issued an apology on August 17 subsequent to the deletion of his tweet. Reflected in his statement is his remorse and that he had been "reckless" and will take responsibility for his "lapse in judgment." “With deep regret, I would like to apologize to Congresswoman Claudine Bautista, her husband, their families, and the Dumper Party List. I reacted based on impulse without thinking of the consequences nor the harm it may cause,” he wrote. Although Enchong Dee publicly apologized to her, Claudine said Enchong has not expressed his regrets over his actions to her personally and thinks that his apology was insincere. "He was not sorry to me and for the damage that he has done. He just wants to deflect, albeit unsuccessfully, this criminal charge against him," she said. “This does not do any good for him. It only bolstered and magnified his admission of guilt beyond reasonable doubt for his unprovoked and baseless libelous remarks,” she added. Lim is seeking P500,000,000 for moral damages and P500,000,000 for exemplary damages against the actor, amounting to P1,000,000,000.00

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