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DepEd school teacher in hot water over viral "pa-cute" TikTok video

A TikTok video of a public school teacher has now gone viral as the video showed a purported scheme on how the teacher will catch the attention of a “cute student.”

The video was captioned "'Pag dumaan 'yung cute na student mo, tamang pa cute lang (When your cute student passes by, just try to look cute)." The school teacher, who was reportedly from a junior high school in Pampanga, Philippines swept his hand over his hair, bit his lips, and then danced in his shared video in the social media platform. This attracted criticism from the general public.

The teacher using the username @leobondoclopez has now deleted the video and has set his account to private. Nevertheless, social media users were quick enough to download the video.

The Department of Education (DepEd) was quite alarmed as the video insinuates "a potential child abuse action", and has ordered an immediate investigation by the Regional Office in Central Luzon to address this concern. Secretary of Education Leonor Briones ordered, in a statement, that the involved teacher should be dealt with "appropriate sanctions". "As an institution trusted to protect the rights of every Filipino learner, we do not tolerate any form of abuse towards children.", added the DepEd chief. DepEd ardently reminded its subordinates, both the teaching and nonteaching personnel, to be regardful of their words and actions, including social media activities, to practice the profession with the highest degree of ethical and professional standards. "As teachers and public servants, we must always champion a safe and nurturing learning environment for children where physical, verbal, sexual, and other forms of abuse and discrimination are renounced.", Briones' statement continued. As the country celebrates National Children’s Month, DepEd warrants to carry on with strengthening its policies and capacity-building activities to further carry on their advocacy of protecting learners against abuse of any kind.

The public school teacher has since apologized for his actions.

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