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Chloe Sims and daughter spotted twinning in sport outfits while shooting for TOWIE special

Chloe Sims, star of “The Only Way is Essex", has been under the spotlight since 2011. Chloe Sims has been getting fame by the time she has joined ITVBE's reality show. People are so curious to know about her life, especially about her daughter, Madison Sims.

Chloe Sims decided to hide the identity of Madison's father. But later on, she disclosed his identity in a video. She revealed that she stayed in a relationship with Mathew (biological father of Madison) for seven years and later on, they separated because of some personal issues.

Chloe Sims gave birth to Madison Sims on the 8th of May, 2005. She recently turned sixteen. Madison shares a close bond with her dad and her grandparents. But her parents have always kept her away from the spotlight.

However, 40 years old Chloe and her 16 years old daughter Madison, made their first public appearance together during the festive special last year. Recently the mother and the daughter were seen together during the shooting of "The Only Way is Essex."

Both of them looked super cute in the matching sports outfits of bright green color. Their matching outfits display their beautiful bond. While walking toward the shooting of the reality show, the mother and the daughter duo did greet everyone with their hands in their hands. Both of them looked incredibly beautiful by binding their hairs up in a ponytail. We admired the matching sports outfit with the same hairstyle look. Madison kept walking beside her mother. Later on, both of them wore padded jackets due to the extremely low temperature at the location.

Demi and Franky, who are the regular starts of TOWIE, were also spotted there. Madison greeted them during the strolling at the field.

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