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Dare to visit Chillingham Castle in UK - one of the most haunted castles in the world

"So what, ghosts can't hurt you. That's what I thought then."

—Stephen King Ghost stories have always been a well-loved subject for conversations. It draws out diverse opinions and emotions from individuals. Enamored by the chilling sensation, some people tend to seek the supernatural as a means to satisfy the thirst for thrill. But to some, it is a desire to seek for answers of the beyond.

Common cases for supernatural sightings are found in places with long history. Such place is the Chillingham Castle in Northumberland in the United Kingdom. A castle that dates back from the 13th century holds a brutal backstory of murder and torture. It has been dubbed the most haunted castle in the UK for its numerous stories of the paranormal. A Tiktok video which was uploaded by user @rebbeebee18, reveals several points on the ghost tour of the castle. It gives insights on the history of the castle as well as showing viewers a glimpse of the interior and some of its features. To fully experience the trepidation the castle has to offer, the tour was completed in darkness. One room that is featured in the video is The Edward Room, where King Henry III is speculated to have been housed. An EMF (electromagnetic field) meter swiftly lit up in certain areas of this room, hinting of a paranormal presence. It is said that whispering voices can be heard in the said room. Guests who have had the tour also report incidents of pushing, hair pulling, and numerous ghost sightings in the castle. Even the staff of the castle are also said to have heard a loud voice telling them to “get out”. Viewers who saw the clip promptly shared their stories of the castle, with one user commenting: “I stayed there and it scared the s**t out of me, we loved it though.” Another one wrote: “As we were leaving the chapel, someone put their hand on my shoulder… I was the last one in the group… other things happened while we were there.” A third user added: “Went on a ghost hunt there years ago really spooky place, we even explored the graveyard just at the start of the castle driveway.” Chillingham Castle prides itself on some of the highest levels of paranormal sightings in the United Kingdom (UK).

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