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The best action camera body mount to use for your outdoor leisure activities

People surely love the outdoors. And one of the best ways to capture the beautiful sights and scenery when people are outside enjoying their surroundings is to have an action camera with you. We say “action” because when people say that they love the outdoors, they are adventurous, fun-loving, full of action, and vibrant.

Action camera body mount.

There are lots of things to do outside our homes - we go hiking, biking with friends, do light jogging, or running in order to improve one’s well-being, breath the fresh air, indulge in the beauty of nature, or go on a picnic People get to maximize enjoying what they do outside by bringing a camera with them – to take shots, to take beautiful photos, to make memories.

Of course, with the activities that people do outside, the use of the arms and hands is a must. The free movement of our hands allows us to enjoy what we do outside. Now, to be able to do these activities and at the same time shoot beautiful photographs, what we would need is an action camera body mount. With this, we can take beautiful pictures or clear videos while balancing our bike’s handlebar, cook barbecue in a picnic, do vlogging while walking, or running along the ridges of a beautiful, green mountain ridge.

Usually, body camera mounts are positioned in the center of the chest or on the shoulders using a strap. These mounts are very helpful in allowing one to do his or her activities while at the same time taking videos and pictures of the enjoyable moments of the activities.

There are many camera mounts to choose from if you want to have one. You can purchase it offline or online. For available online inventories, here are some of the best camera body mounts that you can choose from:

Stuntman Pack Mount - Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount for GoPro and Other Action Cameras

This action camera body mount is perfect for use as a GoPro backpack mount. With this, you can mount your GoPro camera either on the left or right shoulder strap of your backpack. With its ball joint design, you can point your body camera at any direction that you want. You can adjust, as well, the position of camera either at the neck or chest-side of your backpack strap with the help of its non-slip straps complemented with VELCRO hook and loop fastener for a snug fit.

This GoPro backpack mount is compatible for use with your GoPro HERO 7, 8, 9, and HERO 10 cameras.

GoPro Performance Phone Chest Mount (All GoPro Cameras)

GoPro backpack camera mount.

This is the official body camera mount for all GoPro cameras. It is equipped with padded and breathable materials to ensure your comfort while doing you’re doing any activity. It’s lightweight as well – you might even forget that you’re wearing it. This body camera mount comes with a quick-release buckle which can be easily adjusted for different body sizes.

USWE Action Camera Harness - Front Mount on Bounce Free Backpacks

Now, here’s one good chest camera mount also. This can be used for GoPro backpack mounts as well as this is compatible with all GoPro cameras. Its features include an adjustable 4-point race harness which effectively secures your camera in place.

Camera body mount.

It comes with a hydration pack also to help you keep hydrated when you are joining an intense outdoor activity such as bike racing or running in an adventure race.

Small or large body size? No need to worry, as this USWE action camera body harness comes in different sizes for a medium-size built body or to an XL-size one.

Mobile Phone Chest Strap Harness

iPhone chest mount.

Got an iPhone? There’s an available iPhone chest mount also. This one is super cool as it’s compatible with iPhone, Samsung, GoPro Hero 9, 8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2, 1, AKASO, DJI Osmo, and other action camera. If you are the sporty type and likes skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or biking, then this one suits you best.

Pixlplay Smartphone Chest Mount

This chest camera mount from Pixlplay is also a great choice. It has a universal holder which is compatible with any iPhone or Samsung phone too. With its easy clamp and lock function, you can adjust what phone you’re going to use for the day’s outdoor activity. It secures camera phones with a max width of 3.1 inches.

Phone chest camera.

You can also adjust the angle of the camera, wherever you what to point it, with its 90-degree tilt-and-swivel mount capability. With its adjustable straps, you are always sure that you can enjoy doing your outdoor activities, be they strenuous or not, without worrying that the camera will fall or be dislodged in its position.

These camera phone chest mounts will make your activity outside more enjoyable. Just position your camera with one of these and start taking wonderful videos of nature, the sea, the mountain while you trudge along, or capture moments with your loved ones while you are in a picnic drinking wine and cooking your savory meals at the same time. You could say that this action camera body mount is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. Nah! Just kidding.

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