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7 frequently asked questions about the National Hockey League

In many countries, the hockey game is a must-watch, as the sport boasts exciting perks. You will agree that everyone has what drives their interests in sports, and your favorite sport may probably be hockey which is why you are reading this.

Information about the National Hockey League.

Like soccer, betting exists for soccer lovers and analysts, there is also NHL betting for hockey lovers. However, as a newbie to the sport, you may want to ask many questions about the National Hockey League and how it works before placing a bet.

Questions like - where you can get tickets to watch NHL live and what are the game rules - rank top among the frequently asked. Also, you may want to know who the best NHL player is, when the NHL season starts, the number of teams that make the playoffs, and a few other questions. These inquiries are necessary for every enthusiast to understand the game before watching.

This article will settle the frequently asked questions in your books and make you understand the game better. Also, you will learn many amazing things about the League in this article. So, we can only advise you to continue reading this article to the end for the answers to every information you want to know.

1. Where Can You Get Tickets To Watch NHL Games Live?

This question is the first and probably the most frequently asked about the National Hockey League. Getting tickets to watch NHL live games is not as difficult as many think. You can get your tickets for the games online on the official ticket page of the NHL.

All you need to do is visit, follow the instructions, and select the number of tickets you want. After choosing the number of tickets, choose a payment format, and fill in the payment details.

2. Who Is The Best Player In The National Hockey League?

In the 2021 to 2022 National Hockey League season, Connor McDavid has emerged as the best NHL player for his befitting performance in every game. He won this position with 123, the highest points any player had gotten in a single season.

Also, he scored 44 goals, ranking as a legendary achievement in the game. The hockey player provided 79 assists before the season ended, cumulatively earning him the best player of the season.

3. What Are The Rules Of The NHL Game?

There are several rules players have to adhere to make the game fair for everyone, regardless of their personalities or status. The rules governing the League games are many, and they cover every aspect of the game.

According to statistics, the NHL has 87 rules in its rule book, including some updated rules. You can find the rules for the NHL games online on their official site or settle for a hardcopy format of the comprehensive rule book.

4. When Does The National Hockey League Season Start?

The 2021-22 National Hockey League has ended, but another season is starting soon. The upcoming season is the 2022-23 season, beginning on Friday the 7th October 2022.

The game starts in the Czech Republic, Prague, with the Nashville Predators battling the San Jose Sharks for the next stage.

5. How Many Teams Make The Playoffs In NHL?

The number of teams in the NHL differs from the number of teams making the league’s playoffs. There are more teams in the National Hockey League than those in the playoffs.

The playoffs feature 16 of the best teams for every season, and only the top eight teams qualify. These top eight teams qualify by outstanding points in all the conference leagues.

6. How Are The NHL Standings Judged?

The National Hockey League ensures no partiality in every game. So, they set winning and losing standards for the game. Teams get their ranking from NHL standings by the number of points they can accumulate before the match ends, following every game rule. Every win a team achieves earns them two (2) points, and an overtime loss secures the team a point.

Every team works hard to gather as many points as possible to sustain their position in the game or even sit at a higher position in the league table. This explanation is the entire theory behind the winning and losing factors in the National Hockey League.

7. Who Is The Best Goal Defender In The National Hockey League?

Over the years, this question has been important to people for no specific reason. However, the goal is the most important part of every game, and whoever defends it should be good enough, or it might be a major setback for the team.

For the just concluded NHL season, Igor Shesterkin won the best goalie award. The victory was well-deserved, considering his exceptional performance in all games.

Shesterkin’s goal save percentage was excellent, and the player-saved goals were comfortably above the average percentage. This statistic was a commendable stunt by the player and would likely get into the league’s records.


Hockey is a very interesting game for people who understand it. Many people follow up on the National Hockey League but do not have the right information on the current trends. So, these frequently asked questions are left unanswered in their minds.

Who is the best goal defender in the NHL league? What are the NHL standings? Informing yourself with these answers can lead you to enjoy the game more. Have a lovely hockey year!

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